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Kandamkulathy Karkidaka Oushadha Kanji Kit (500g)

Product image 1Kandamkulathy Karkidaka Oushadha Kanji Kit (500g)
Product image 2Kandamkulathy Karkidaka Oushadha Kanji Kit (500g)
Product image 3Kandamkulathy Karkidaka Oushadha Kanji Kit (500g)

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More about the kit

Ayurveda is an ancient science which explains the science of life. According to seasonal changes classics had mentioned about Ritucharya for the well-being of human. Acharyas considered monsoon as a period of rejuvenation and relaxation. Different therapies and various medications are used for detoxification and betterment of health and mind. The efficacy of treatment during this period will be more

Karkkidaka Kanji (medicated porridge) kit is a ready to cook medicated seasonal porridge prepared by K. P. Pathrose Vaidyan’s kandamkulathy Vaidyasala with legacy of more than 150 years in Ayurveda. This is considered as the best medicated supplement during this period. It improves the immunity and also cures vata-vyadhi, joint pain etc. Njavara (Oriza Sativa) is the unique variety of rice specifically used for the preparation of this porridge.

Kandamkulthy karkkidaka kanji kit is prepared out of more than 35 herbs and unpolished organic Njavara rice. The powdered herbs and Njavara rice are packed separately. Continuous consumption of this medicated porridge for a minimum of 7 days is prescribed by Acharyas for its better efficacy. This provides betterment of Vata rogas, improves digestion and laxation.

Method of preparation

  • This pack is meant for 7 days.
  • Use 1/7th of the medicines and rice from each packet every day
  • Boil “Pachamarunnu choornam” (with green label) in one liter of water and collect the filtrate.
  • Boil Njavara rice (with red label) & “Ashali-Uluva” (with blue label) in this prepared decoction.
  • Mix “podimarunnu” (with black label) in half glass of coconut milk and add to this porridge.
  • Onion fried in ghee can be added for flavoring.
  • Use this warm medicated porridge, 7 days for dinner.

Package Includes:

  • Njavara rice: 400g
  • Ashali/Uluva: 40g
  • Podimarunnu Choornam: 30g
  • Pachamarunnu Choornam: 30g


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