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Ayurveda Face Masks

Product image 1Ayurveda Face Masks
Product image 2Ayurveda Face Masks
Product image 3Ayurveda Face Masks
Product image 4Ayurveda Face Masks

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Ayurveda Face masks are made from cloth that are dyed in natural herbs using a 5000 year old method termed as "AyurVastra". The Sanskrit word ‘Ayur’ means life and Vastra means dress. Ayurvastra is the garment that ensures better health and long life.

There are 2 types of AyurVastra face masks:
Type 1 - Two layered face mask
Type 2 - Single layer face mask

Type 1 - Two layered face mask 

This double layered face mask has elastic to go around the ears.  Available in 6 different colour combinations imbued with properties extracted from 50 different herbal Ayurveda plants . Primary herbs are neem and turmeric to give them medicinal support and colours.

  1. pink/white-ish,
  2. khaki-ish
  3. natural/beige/brown-ish
  4. blue/indigo
  5. purple
  6. bright pink/sandalwood

Type 2 - Single layered face mask 

Comes in 2 colours and herbal plant options and choose from ties or elastic to go around the ears:

Option 1 - Yellow; includes Thulsi, Neem, Turmeric and Ginger
Option 2 - White; includes Aloe Vera, Jasmin and White Lotus

Stay healthy and stay safe with our unique Ayurveda Face Masks!

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