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This innovation that has emerged from an appropriate union of multiple therapies is called Holistic and Integrated Ayurveda and with the help of nadi checkup, prakruti checkup, detailed history taking and a prescription of a suitable combination of various pathies is capable of treating all VARIOUS CHRONIC disorders from its roots to give permanent relief. Integrated Ayurveda includes the following pathies -


Vata, Pitta, Kapha the three basic components meaning tridosha, saptadhatu and the fluids produced by the overall body functionality make up for the body structure. If all these components remain in its original balanced state, the person remains disease free and healthy.


Ayurveda lays as much stress on preventive medicines as on curative medicines. Tridosha consisting of Vata, pitta, kapha is primarily responsible for the well-being or diseased state of a human being. Panchkarma therapies of “Shaman” and “Shodhan” are carried out to bring about equilibrium in doshas and destroy the root cause of the disease respectively.

Panchkarma is Ayurveda’s ultimate purification and detoxification treatment that creates ease and harmony from within, strengthens the immune system, and re-stores balance and wellbeing. By reversing the degenerative process, Panchkarma improves overall wellness and youthfulness. Panchkarma means “five therapies”. The series of these five therapies help remove deep rooted stress and illness-causing toxins from the body while balancing the doshas (energies that govern all biological functions).


Yogasanas, pranayama, neti, dhauti, and other cleansing procedures, meditation, OMkar chanting, etc. can be effectively used to cure many diseases.                                                                  


According to Nature cure, the primary cause of all diseases is the conscious or unconscious violation of Nature’s Laws while disease in reality is a self-purifying effort by the body to heal itself. The curative properties of Nature’s elements – the sun, air, earth and water - are employed as natural cures.


“Life is like the flame of a Lamp, soon extinguished when the fuel (Qi) is exhausted”. – Huan Chan, 40 B.C. Heat, light, sound, etc. are examples of forms of Qi. Imbalance of Qi-its excess or deficiency within the organism is the cause of ill-health. Its absence is death. The purpose of acupuncture is to restore the imbalance of body Qi by puncturing the correct combination of points.


In acupressure many well defined points that were discovered to have effect upon internal organs are pressed by finger tips or other suitable appliances. Points affecting a particular organ are joined and a well-defined line is formed called “Meridian” or a “Channel”. The Chinese propounded the theory that Meridians were channels through which life sustaining forces of energy flows.


The human body is divided into ten zones, which run from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. These body zones consist of two series of five longitudinal zones, each one of which ends in the corresponding finger or toe. Everything that happens in a specific Zone of the body affects or influences the organs and other parts of the body within that zone.


In Japanese –‘Rei’ means “God's Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘Ki’ means "life force energy”. This is the primary power and with this energy the material world i.e. matter is created. The benefits of Reiki can be used for self and for others as well. During Reiki treatment the giver or receiver need not adhere to any prescribed or strict diet. The root cause of mankind’s unhappiness is uprooted by Reiki and the disease is replaced by positivity which leads to happiness, peace, health and prosperity. Reiki is a very easy treatment method to be applied on any problem and can be easily learnt and practiced by any person.

Reiki primarily affects the energy sphere surrounding any object which is called “Aura”. Once the Aura is healed Reiki moves on to heal the physical and mental body energy imbalances.


Mind is nothing but vibrations. Vibrations create sound if they are in any medium. Thus sound as well is connected to mind and hence music influences one’s mind. On listening to music, there is an effect on the pulse rate, blood pressure and respiration”. Thus music affects the mind which in turn affects our body, through the endocrine glands and the autonomous nervous system.


Anything in this Universe that is consumed in order to sustain life is food with respect to the eater concerned. Anything in this Universe is “food” i.e. “Brahman”. All in this Universe helps to sustain life “Jeevo-jeevasya-jeevanam” meaning “One life form survives only on another”.

There is probably no dietary system as rich and sophisticated as that embodied within Ayurveda. As Ayurveda believes that food or drink, one third is gross and goes to excrement and urine, the middle third goes to flesh and blood, and the most subtle third goes to nourish the mind and spirit. The late Dr. Chandra Sharma, the well-known doctor in UK, described how his mother would examine the climate, the state of health and activity of the family, their digestive energies, moods and so on and then cook a meal as a prescription for the occasion.

Ayurveda lays great emphasis on regulation of diet and other regimens as part of the treatment (pathya – apathya). 

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