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Ayurveda as we all know is a Sanskrit meaning of "Science of life", a science which has lived, survived and imbibed by not only our culture but by a majority of European nations as on date. This ancient science of evidence and preventive health originated in India but died its natural death during the British era. Practised in its most primitive form, Ayurveda today has been recognised as the single most solution to age old problems starting from stress to chronic ailments like cancer and AIDS.

Founded in 1987, Ayush Arogyam now with its 30+ years of experience and expertise in the field of Ayurveda and Natural Healing, have inspired and encouraged many of the renowned Ayurveda practioners to enter and enterprise in this field.

Ayush Arogyam as the name implies, believes in providing a long and healthy life to everyone, irrespective of their caste, creed and economic status. During these 3 decades of experience and expertise of our pioneers, we are now committed to take this noble endeavour to newer heights. We thus seek to ensure that this age old heritage does not succumb to modern practices and medicines which claim to provide "hypothetical instant relief" from underlying physiological and psychological ailments. We thus endeavour to spread and present this subject of Ayurveda and its various forms not just in this region but worldwide through our network of wellness centres and practioners.

It is this endeavour which led us to the idea of making Ayurveda accessible to all through digital platform. Through our online store (www.ayusharogyam.com), Ayush Arogyam hopes to make genuine and traditional ayurvedic products and health care services accessible to the global consumers. This Online Ayurvedic Store proudly hosts and ships products of various renowned brands such as Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Vaidyaratnam, KP Namboodiri's, KALAN, Dhathri, Indulekha, Pankaja Kasthuri, Amrita Life, AVP Coimbatore and various other Kerala Ayurvedic Brand Products & Medicines at Lowest Shipping Prices across India.

This online store also provides free consultation by its panel of well qualified, trained and specialised ayurvedic doctors and physicians. Through this offering of free online ayurvedic consultation, we hope to spread the goodness of ayurveda to every household. For free consultations, please email to wecare@ayusharogyam.com

Our vision is to be known as the "Best Ayurvedic Retail Chain" in India and we shall continue to strive to achieve this objective by ensuring great customer satisfaction, affordable pricing and quality service to our customers.

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