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A diet determines our strength. Unhealthy food weakens our body and mind. Today, most of our lifestyle includes a lot of junk food rather than a balanced diet. This can cause many life-style diseases including obesity, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems (eczema, allergy, psoriasis etc), etc. We can control our diseases to an extent by scheduling our diet into a balanced form. Ayurveda clearly lays down the fundamentals of what, how, when, how much and which type of food to eat.
Ayurveda says a healthy diet is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One should eat food to gain strength, provide nutrients to the body, gain mental strength, and increase energy level. Our food should include shadrasas (sweet, sour, salt, astringent, bitter, pungent), fruits and vegetables in a balanced form.

Food can lead to a healthy as well as an unhealthy life, depending on what kind of food that we eat. Unhealthy life is caused from junk food, over-heated, over-boiled, oily, coloured, virudhaahara (incompatible food combination) etc. Virudhaahara means that food should not be taken in combinations which can even act as poison or cause any skin disorders. So we should select food with proper care. Else, the unwanted food materials will get lodged in our body and produces toxic materials or ama, which is the main causative factor of diseases. Based on diseases, food selection will vary. There will be some to neglect and some to select. For example, in skin problems we need to avoid sour, over-boiled and fried items, and milk and milk products, as these can aggravate the unhealthy condition.
One should eat only when hungry. Chew the food well and use your fingers - not your palm - while eating. If you have been consuming unhealthy foods/drinks for a long time, it is better to discontinue the intake of such foods gradually. Eat only after the previously consumed food has digested. Timing of meals is also important. One should eat three times a day so that each meal gets proper time for proper digestion. A good meal should fill your stomach in this order: two portion of food, one portion of water, and one portion of air. Food should be consumed according to your prakriti (body constitution). The quantity of food should be according to one's digestive capacity. Most of our health problems can be reduced by making our diet into a balanced form, which improves our energy and health status.
AyushArogyam helps you follow the proper Ahara through its practices, products and services. For more details, please consult our experts.

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