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Ayurvastra - Clothes that make you healthy

"Ayur" is Sanskrit for health, and "Vastra" is Clothing. Ayurvastra means Life Cloth.
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AYUR VASTRA is a Sanskrit term made up of two words- "AYUR" means "health" & "VASTRA" means "Cloth", meaning "life cloth". It developed as branch of Ayurveda, the ancient 5000 years old Indian system of health care which is still accomplished in South India. Ayurvastra cloth is completely free from synthetic chemicals & toxic irritants & is totally organic, sustainable & biodegradable. Ayurvastra or medical dress is made of 100% pure organic cotton or silk, wool, jute & coir products that have been hand loomed, dyed by using various ayurvedic herbs & have medicinal qualities.

It is 100 per cent pure cotton or silk handloom fabric made out of dyes using various ayurvedic herbs. It can be used as Ayurvedic treatment for diseases like diabetes, skin infections, hypertension, asthma, arthritis and also for boosting immunity.

AyurVastra for Wellness
Ayurvastra clothing can be used as wellness garments that believe in restoring the balance within the human body and strengthen the immune system of users. Ayurvastra focus is wellness and not color or style. Our herbal dyed textiles promotes health for the users.
AyurVastra for Environment
The majority for the textile are made using synthetic chemicals and process, which pollutes our natural resources ir-repairable. Ayurvastra process use natural methods which do not pollute environment and it's remainends are used as manure or fertilizer for the cultivation.
Traditional Technology
In past, throughout the globe, there were many traditional technology, art and crafts were used in Textile marketing. From farm to fashion, but, because mainly utilization of all these technology becomes extinct. Ayurvastra uses this traditional technology for modern textile industry.

Our Happy Customers

The fabric quality is really good and I can clearly observe the change in my health and immunity after wearing ayurvastra.
Thanks Ayusharogyam for bringing back such an innovative idea which has been forgotten for ages.
Helful for health amnd helpful for environment too. Loving ayurvastra. Thanks ayush arogyam.

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