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Ayurveda mentions body as union of senses, mind and soul. Nature is composed of panchamahabhootas. Human body is micro form of nature hence it is also combination of panchamahabhootas; hence seasonal variations affect our health. Diseases are caused when there is an imbalance in tridoshas. This can be due to our life style including our activities, food, job, behavior, mental stress etc. These accumulates wastes and toxins in our body. Such accumulation is termed as Ama. Panchakarma treatments remove this accumulated ama from our body through our natural orifices

Most of our health problems can be controlled through our daily activities, timely and proper amount of food, exercises, yoga, and pranayama, if necessary through proper medication. Some health problems need internal medications as well as external treatments, for example arthritis, neurological problems, obesity etc.

Ayurveda deals with Panchakarma and panchashodhana treatments. Panchakarma means 5 detoxification (shodhana) treatments. They are vamanam, virechanam, niruhavasthy, and nasyam and anuvasanavasthy. Panchashodhana includes vamanam, virechanam, sirovirechana, niruhavasthy and rakthamoksha. This treatment drives out the vitiated doshas from our body and also normalizes them.

Main Panchakarma treatments include a pre Panchakarma procedure and post Panchakarma procedure. Pre Panchakarma procedure includes snehana and swedana that is oleation and sudation. Through Ayurveda internal medicines we can bring the vitiated doshas to the koshta from where we can eliminate them through Panchakarma treatments. These treatments give a deep curative aspect. Pure herbal medicines are used in these treatments.

Panchakarmakriya can also be done for the preventive aspect such as prevent ageing, named as rejuvenation therapy. It with holds the age, prevents from graying, appearance of wrinkles, fading of skin etc. Panchakarma can also be done according the seasonal variations. Treatment selection varies according to the disease conditions also based on prakriti (body constitution). Treatment is selected only after consultation with our expert physicians and after analyzing the prakriti of the individual.

AyushArogyam helps you follow the proper Kriya through its practices, products and services. For more details, please consult our experts

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