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Our ultimate aim is to stay alive and be healthy. For that, we need proper exercises, proper food and proper activities. To a certain extent, we can be healthy through these but in some cases, we got to depend on oushadhas. 

Ayurveda mentions medicine as dravyam. Dravyam is mentioned under padachadushtaya. Padachadustaya includes bhishak, dravyam, upasthada, and rogi. Here, dravyam means herbal medicine. Dravyam should be "bahukalpambahugunamsampannamyogyamoushadam". That is, medicine should be available in different forms, should be eligible to be used in more than one disease, and should be cost-effective, easily available and unique.

Ayurveda helps cure the disease of a sick person and maintain the health of a healthy person. According to Ayurveda, there is no drug in the nature which does not pacify diseases. With more than 600 herbal formulas and 250 plant remedies, Ayurveda medicine includes a large pharmacy of treatment options.

Medicines should be prescribed only after analyzing the prakriti of the individual. That is whether he is of vataprakriti, pitta prakriti or kaphaprakriti. Herbal drugs are evolved from nature, which is of panchabhoota combination. Our body is also a combination of panchamahabhootas. So, there is an interconnection between the body and medicine. Diseases and symptoms of illness are rooted in a lack of internal and external harmony. The imbalance of tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha) leads to diseases as it disturbs the body's equilibrium state.

Herbal medicines can be used as a whole or its various parts in different formulations such as extracted juice, kashayas, choornas, gulikas, capsules, ointments, tailas, syrups, essential oils, etc along with proper adjuvant. Herbal drugs are rich in phenols, antioxidants, tannins, etc in their pure natural forms. They are converted into various formulas by protecting their constituents in the purest form itself.

Medications should be taken in proper dose and at proper time intervals. Dosage varies according to age of the individual; combinations of medicines also vary according to the prakriti of the individual.

AyushArogyam helps you follow the proper Oushada through its practices, products and services. For more details, please consult our experts

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