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Vihara means activities taking place in our daily routine (dinacharya). Dinacharya includes our routine from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night. Along with day to day activities it includes exercises, yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. According to ancient literature Ayurveda recommends to wake up at "Brahma Muhurta". The day activity begins from the respective time including internal and external cleanliness. Exercises like warm up, yoga, meditation & pranayama plays an important role in Vihara.

Exercises help in body strengthening and maintaining the health, it should not harm the health. Viharas should be in a way that it smoothens the body and mind of an individual. It should be selected according to physical and mental strength of the body.

Exercise prepares our body to get active in all sorts of karmas. It improves our immunity, which helps to fight the physical and mental ailments. If an individual does exercises beyond his strength, he may feel tired, stressed etc. exercise selected should be according to your health and body conditions. Lack of Viharascause stiffness of body, will affect the energy level of an individual hence keep your body always active.

Through exercises, yoga, pranayama we gain lightness of our body, self-orientation, strength, mental strength, immunity, balanced doshas, proper digestive capacity and proper body metabolism.

Most of our health problems are due to our sedentary life style. Exercises can reduce this incidence to a large extent. Pranayama and meditation plays an important role here. It helps in proper contraction and extension of heart muscles. Sedentary life style can lead to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, joint stiffness and pain etc. Daily exercise reduces the unwanted fat lodged in our body, balances blood circulation, strengthens atrophied muscles, helps muscle workout. Pranayama, yoga and meditation have good role in rectifying respiratory complaints. It increases the lung capacity and controls our breathing. A healthy person can do exercises in almost all seasons. Those with any physical ailments should do according to a physician's advice. Methods vary according to the strength and disease. 15 to 30 minutes of daily exercise helps to keep the day fresh and mind active

AyushArogyam helps you follow the proper Vihara through its practices, products and services. For more details, please consult our experts

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