Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo

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Experience the perfect combination of Ayurvedic heritage and modern science with Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated with a powerful blend of natural herbs that not only nourish your scalp but also prevent damage to hair shafts. With Kattarvazha and Brahmi to aid in hair growth, Cheevakka, Thulasi, Coconut Oil and Nellikka to cleanse the hair, this shampoo will give your hair the shine, softness and bounce that you crave. Plus, the cooling effect of these herbs also helps to prevent the attack of dandruff and lice. With Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo you can get the single solution you need to take care of your hair and keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

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Benefits Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo:

  • Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo offers a single solution for all hair care needs.
  • Ayurvedic heritage combined with new-age science gives the product a unique edge.
  • The mixture of Kattarvazha, Cheevakka, Nellikka, Brahmi, and Thulasi nourishes the scalp.
  • Kattarvazha and Brahmi aid in hair growth.
  • Cheevakka, Thulasi, coconut oil and Nellikka cleanse the hair and prevent dandruff and lice.
  • Gives the hair shine, softness and bounce.

Negatives Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo:

  • The product is not widely available in stores.
  • It may not suit all hair types.
  • Some may find the scent of the shampoo too strong.


  • Apply To Wet Hair. Massage Gently On The Scalp To Distribute The Frothy Mix Evenly.
  • Leave For 1-2 Minutes And Rinse Thoroughly.
  • Repeat If Required.
  • Address Address: 29, Asiatic Arcade, Pokhran Road no. 1, Vartak Nagar, Thane, Mulund, Maharashtra, 1, 400606

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