Dhathri - Fairness Face Pack

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Dhathri Ayurvedic Fairness Face Pack Is Developed Through €œVarnakaralepavidhi㢂¬Ͽ½ Process, As Dictated In Ancient Ayurvedic Manuscripts. The Active Ingredients In The Preparation Penetrate Deep Into The Skin And Help To Treat Pimples, Black Spots, Dark Patches And Blemishes.


  • Wash Your Face Thoroughly. Mix 5Gms Of Dhathri Fairness Facepack With Equal Amount Of Water/Tomato Juice/Orange Juice/Honey/Curd/Rose Water (Based On Your Skin Type) And Make A Smooth Paste.
  • Apply Evenly On Your Face And Neck, Avoiding The Skin Around The Eyes, And Leave It On For 3 Minutes.
  • After 3 Minutes, Gently Massage In Upward, Outward And Circular Motion And Rinse Off The Pack With Water.
  • If The Cream Is Prescribed By A Doctor, Make Sure To Follow His/Her Directions Carefully. 
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