AVS Kottakkal Aragwadharishtam

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AVS Kottakkal Aragwadharishtam is an amazing purifying tonic drink which helps the body get rid of old blood and flush out the system of any toxins left inside. It helps in clearing the skin and works wonders in treating skin diseases. It is also helpful in treating problems with worms, piles, and ulcers. With regular use, this tonic helps in detoxifying the body and making the skin look clearer and brighter. Not only that, it also aids in improving digestion and helps to reduce stress levels. Try AVS Kottakkal Aragwadharishtam today and start feeling the amazing benefits!

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Benefits of AVS Kottakkal Aragwadharishtam:

  • Purifying tonic drink which can help the body get rid of old blood and flush out the system of any toxins left inside.
  • The skin becomes clearer and is specifically for skin diseases.
  • Helps with problems with worms, piles and ulcers.

Negatives of AVS Kottakkal Aragwadharishtam:

  • It is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy so there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone.
  • It is not suitable for people with allergies or those who are pregnant or nursing.
  • It can cause some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Usage :

  • To be taken twice daily after food

Dosage :

  • 15 to 30 ml for adults and 5 to 10 ml for children or as directed by the Physician
  • Address Address: 29, Asiatic Arcade, Pokhran Road no. 1, Vartak Nagar, Thane, Mulund, Maharashtra, 1, 400606

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