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AVS Kottakkal - Kshirabala 7 (50 ml pet bottle)

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Specific For All Acute And Chronic Rheumatism, Hemeplegia, Facial Paralysis Etc. Its Curative Power In Neuralgia, Hemicrania, Diseases Of The Brain And The Spinal Cor, Atrophy Of The Optic, Olfactory Or Other Nerves Is Unrivalled. Also, Useful In Epilepsy, Cephalagia, Glaucoma, Hysteria, Uterine Ailments, Barreness, Numbness, Impairment Of Vision, Hearing And Smelling, Difficult In Speech, Muscular And Other Pains, Rickets, Pleurodynia, Lumbago, Coma, Chest Pain, Heart Disease, Spasmodic Dyspepsia, Disorders Of Menstruation And All Diseases Connected Directly Or Indirectly With The Power Of Motor And Sensory Nerves In These Ailments.


  • Kshirabala Thailam Can Be Used Internally, Externally Or Both According To The Nature And Severity Of Disease. Dose 15 ml To 50 ml. Available In 3, 7, 14, 21, 41 And 101 Times (Medicated). To Be Used Under Strict Medical Supervision In Case Of Enema (Vasti).
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