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AVS Kottakkal - Valiya (Maha) Narayana Tailam (200 ml pet bottle)

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Valiya Narayana Thailam And Maha Narayana Tailam Both Are Same. Helps In The Treatment Of Disorders Related To Arthritis. Facial Palsy, Paralysis, Deafness, Ailments Of Tongue, Gum And Teeth Are Also Cured With Valiya Narayana Thailam. It Also Acts As A Good Medicine To Help Women Conceive. Valiya Narayana Thailam Has Its Proven Results In The Treatment Of Male Impotency. It Has Proven Results In The Treatment Of Insanity.


  • It Could Either Be Used Internally Or Applied Externally, As Per The Condition Of The Disease. It Could Be Used Externally For Therapies Like Abyangam, Pichu, Kativasti, Nasyam And Dhara.
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