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Pankajakasturi Breathe Eazy Tablets 100 nos

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  • Respiratory Diseases Are Not To Be Just Cured, But Up Rooted Completely. Diseases Such As Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing Etc. Take Your Daily Life Off The Track And Puts You At The Mercy Of Inhalers And Bronchodilators. 
  • The Conventional Medicines That Are Meant For Treating Allergy &Amp; Asthma Treat Only The Symptoms.
  • They Do Not Treat The Underlying Cause.
  • The Medicines Used For Asthma Have Numerous Undesirable Side Effectsâ Asthma Can Never Be Cured Or Controlled By Pumping Our Body With Factory Made Medication, Laboratory Designed Molecules, Artificially Made Chemicals And Steroids.
  • It Is This Type Of Artificial Environment That Caused Asthma In First Place. Once You Start Taking The Doctor Prescribed Medications For Asthma You Will Have To Take It Lifelong And In Increased Dosages. 
  • Certain Combination Of Herbs Have Similar Properties As Steroids In Enhancing The Ease Of Breathing.
  • Moreover These Herbs Can Build A Strong Immunity Against Allergy Which The Steroids Cannot.
  • These Herbs Have Been Widely Mentioned In Ayurveda An Ancient Medical Science Of India And Traditional Chinese Medications. 
  • A Combination Of 15 Herbs And Natural Ingredients In Specific Composition Has Been Formulated By Us.
  • Our All Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation Breathe Eazy Is Made As Per International Standards.
  • Breathe Eazy Dilates The Respiratory Tract Making The Asthmatic, Breathe Easy.
  • It Prevents The Occurrence Of Hyper Sensitivity Reaction. They Build Up A Strong Immunity Against Allergy.
  • Thus Effecting A Near Complete Cure To Asthma, Allergy, Edema (Collection Of Fluids Mucous In Lungs), Eosinophilia Attacks, Breathing Disorders, Sinusitis And Rhinitis.
  • There Will Be Marked Decrease In Ige Levels (Immunoglobulin_E ) Which Is The Indication Of The Allergic Response.
  • The Herbal Formulation Is Completely Safe And Is Without Any Side Effects. 
  • This Particular Herbal Composition Breathe Eazy We Offer Is A Mix Of 15 Unique Herbs.
  • We Have Millions Of Satisfied Users From All Over The World. It'S Unique And Time Tested Traditional Yet Ayurvedic Formula Harnesses Phyto Nutrients And Antioxidants Like Xanthones Which Helps Building Immunity, Thereby Improving The Ability To Breathe Well.


  • Adult: 2 Tablets After Breakfast And 2 Tablets After Dinner
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